Lexmark 500+ GB Hard Disk Drive

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654,92 € Käibemaksuta

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    Use a hard disk to buffer print jobs, collate large jobs or to store forms, fonts or macros. These functions are enabled with a disk installed:
    • Job Building/ Custom Copy
    • Scan Preview
    • Operator Panel Lock
    • Fax storage on the disk (automatic)
    • Print and Hold jobs over a POR
    • Job Parking / Job Hold
    • Fax Job Waiting
    • Sample Copy
    • Storage used by optional firmware cards
    • Job buffering (spooling)/collation on disk
    • Copy spooling
    • Email spooling
    • Font and macro storage
    • Booklet copy
    • Disk wiping (through Security Menu Settings) – includes Manual and scheduled wiping
    • Print Directory (through Reports Menu Settings)
    • Job Accounting 
    • MultiSend